Hands & Feet


MediHand Manicure (Cuticle work, Scrub,file, Massage, Nail Polish)60minR 240
MediHand French Manicure60minR 250
Express Manicure (Cuticle work, File, Nail Polish)20-30minR 190
Express French Manicure20-30minR 200
Express Manicure (No Paint)30minR 130
MediHand Manicure (No Paint)45minR 180
File & Paint (hands or feet)20-30minR 110

Gents Hands & Feet

Treatment  Price
Quick Fix ManiR 110
Gent's Spa ManiR 180
MediPedi Feet RescueR 320


Deluxe MediHeel Pedi60minR 400
Deluxe French MediHeel Pedi60minR 420
Express Pedicure20-30minR 190
Express French Pedicure20-30minR 210
Gelish Express PedicureR 220
Gelish with Deluxe MediHeel PediR 500
Gelish Soak off and redo with MediHeel PediR 540
Gelish Soak Off with Express PedicureR 230
Gelish Soak Off and redoR 260
Deluxe PedicureR 270
Gelish with Deluxe Normal PedicureR 420

Gelish Hands

Treatment Price
Gelish Express Manicure (Cuticle work,file,Gelish)R 220
Gelish Soak Off with Express Manicure (cuticle work, file, nail polish)R 200
Gelish Soak Off with Gelish RedoR 260

Acrylic/Biosculpture Sets

Treatment Price
Natural or French tipsR 350
Colour/Fancy tipsR 370
Sculptured natural or FrenchR 400
Natural or French overlayR 320

Biosculpture EVO Sets

Treatment Price
EVO Express Mani/PediR 220
EVO FillR 190
EVO MediHeel PediR 500
EVO Deluxe PediR 420
EVO Soak Off and RedoR 260

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